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Your Challenges Are Not Your Story

Everyone experiences challenges in our lives. Illness, divorce, financial issues, death of loved ones, past traumas, addictions, heartaches, the list goes on…. All of these can take an extreme toll on your body, your mind, and your heart. But these events, these conditions, these challenging times are not what define you.

They are only pieces of your story. You do not have to permit them to create your final chapter.

You are the one who has the chance to tell your story in any way that you want. When you tell your story, you do not have to leave out the parts about your challenges. That would be like telling an incomplete story without important details. However, those details are not the main part of your story. They are just added information to help others more fully understand how you came to be you.

In the end, if you allow your challenge to become the focus of your story, it will eventually sound the same as many others since we all face similar challenges. Instead, try setting your story apart by focusing on you: how you reacted when faced with the challenge, the steps that you took to overcome it, the healing you have done to get where you are today. This is a much more interesting story because no one else has this same story to tell.

Your challenges are not your story. You are your story.


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