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Discover Your Strengths.

When people are in the middle of challenging times, it is often difficult to believe that things will get better. The fear of the unknown may make someone feel paralyzed. Others who like to be in control may feel anxiety due to the current uncertainties. The loss of abilities or freedoms may cause some to have feelings of anger or despair. And still others will actually begin to thrive during these times. How could this be the case? Well, the people that thrive use the difficult circumstances as opportunities for growth. They realize that they are unable to change the circumstances, but they can use their abilities and perspective to make the most of the situation. If they are dealing with a chronic illness, they may accept what they cannot do, but they may begin to develop a great deal of gratitude for those things of which they are still capable. If they are going through difficult times financially, they may shift their focus to the fact that they still have the love of their families and friends. If people are unable to leave their homes for their normal daily activities, they might cherish a few breaths of fresh air and begin to appreciate the beautiful scenery that has always been present just outside their windows. We all have the ability to grow and to change our perspectives about a situation. It does not require putting on rose colored glasses and pretending that the challenges are not present. In fact, it requires the opposite. By accepting the challenges and facing them head on, we are able to see things more clearly. We can acknowledge that the situation is not ideal, but we may begin to develop a greater appreciation for what we have. We learn how to adapt and possibility gain new skills along the way. Through the process, we often realize that we have many strengths that we were not aware of. So the next time that you are presented with a challenging time, rely on your strengths to get your through. This will look differently for everyone. It may take the form of relying on a sense of humor, using creativity to come up with solutions to the obstacle, or treating others with kindness to show understanding in difficult times. Every one of us has strengths that we can call upon during these tough moments. Take a few moments to learn what your strengths are. Then, go ahead and make the most of them. Use them to your advantage when you are faced with life’s challenges. As a result, you will not only get through the hard times easier, but you will also likely grow as a person. Take care and be well. If you are interested in learning more about your strengths, click the link below to take a free survey.

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