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About Health Coaching

Health Coach Journey to Wellness
A health coach walks alongside you
on your journey to wellness.
-Nancy Uston-John

What Is Health Coaching?

​A health coach partners with a client to create a personalized plan to achieve the health goals created by the client and/or the physician.   Health coaches are not doctors nor licensed therapists so there will be no medical advice or diagnosis given.

During the coaching sessions, the health coach will listen to the client's story to better understand where the person is on their health journey.  These sessions are a safe place for the client to express their health concerns without judgement. 

Through the telling of their story, the health coach will be able to identify the client's strengths and learn what strategies work best for the client.  As a result, the coach is better able to serve the client and help them to achieve results even when the client is faced with obstacles.

The focus of each session will be whatever topic the client desires.  There is no preset, one-fits-all strategy to the coaching sessions.  Instead, the sessions will be a mixture of support, health education, and a partnership to create changes that are realistic and sustainable.
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