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About Nancy

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National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach
Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach
Certified Mind Body Eating Coach
ISSA Certified Elite Trainer
ISSA Transformation Specialist
ISSA Certified in Personal Training, Youth Fitness,
DNA Based Training & Fitness Nutrition


Thyroid Disorders
Autoimmune Conditions
Weight Challenges
Digestive Wellness

Food Sensitivities
Gluten Free / Autoimmune Paleo

Nancy believes that everyone deserves to feel well, no matter where they are in their health journeys.  Her goal is to support individuals experiencing chronic health conditions as they navigate the path to better health.  She does this by working alongside her clients to create health goals, encouraging them along the way as they meet obstacles and setbacks, and providing information that will make it easier to incorporate functional medicine principles into their everyday lives.  Throughout her sessions, she focuses on the client’s character strengths and emphasizes positive psychology in order to help clients realize that their health goals are within their reach.

Although Nancy always had an interest in health and wellness, it was not until she became chronically ill that she began to study functional medicine.  For 8 years, she suffered from an undiagnosed autoimmune disease and chronic Lyme that left her with debilitating symptoms.  As someone who was determined to find the root cause of her health issues, she knows what it is like to not feel well and to be overwhelmed with information.  For this reason, she is honored to help others feel supported as they regain their health.

Nancy Uston-John is a National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach, a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, a Certified Mind Body Eating Coach and an ISSA Certified Elite Personal Trainer.  She obtained her MBA from Temple University and her BS from Elizabethtown College.  She currently works as part of a team in 2 functional medicine practices, and she also sees patients in her private practice, Root Cause Health Coaching.  Her private practice focuses on serving those with thyroid issues, autoimmune diseases, and weight challenges.  

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