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About Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine Stress Management
Functional Medicine Sleep
Functional Medicine Exercise
Functional Medicine Nutrition
Functional Medicine Relationships

What Is Functional Medicine?

This type of  medicine looks at the person as a whole, and reminds us that all systems of the body are connected.  Functional medicine strives to identify and understand the root cause of a person's health issues instead of simply treating symptoms.

In addition to performing lab tests to identify health issues, Functional Medicine doctors partner with their patients in order to better understand various aspects of a patients life that may have contributed to the onset of disease.  

The underlying cause will depend on the individual's genes, environment, and lifestyle factors.  By making changes to the lifestyle factors of food, movement, sleep, relationships, and stress management, patients are able to reduce or eliminate their symptoms.  

Your genetics are not your destiny.  Even by making small changes, you can influence your health.
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