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A few of the kind comments I've received from past clients: 
  • Genuine, Caring & Knowledgeable Health Coach
    Nancy was an integral part in my health journey and I genuinely enjoyed connecting with her each month. I appreciated that she always met me emotionally where I was and offered suggestions based on what I was currently working with. Whether it be with nutrition, fitness, emotional support or otherwise she has a wealth of knowledge and I always left with a new sense of focus and a suggested list of methods, tools or tips that I could work with or look into further. I'm so grateful to have crossed paths with Nancy and to have had her support on my journey! -K.G.
  • Nancy is a fantastic health coach. She is clear in her explanations. She is patient and wants to be sure that you  understand fully the tasks at hand so that ultimately you will achieve your goals. Nancy truly cares. She will help you stay focused on your journey. - P.S.
  • Authentic & Knowledgeable Health Coach
    Working with Nancy has been a wonderful experience! She is very knowledgeable and always learning. She provides very helpful resources each session and is goal oriented. I found her easy to talk to and very relatable. I am lucky to have worked with her! -C.T.

  • Nancy actually listens and understands in such an empathetic manner, and for that I am incredibly grateful!"- A.C.
  • Rockstar Health Coach
    I found Nancy through my Functional Medicine practitioner who had recommended her for guidance and actionable steps tailored to MY life and busy schedule and finally found myself making the progress I had almost given up on. She helped me plan out my days, set goals for myself, overcome obstacles such as my busy work schedule and very particular nature. I felt heard and understood and that translated to her being better able to help me break through my own personal barriers. She kept me honest and moving forward and reminded me everyday what I am working for, how well I was doing, and how far I have come. I am now towards the end of my recovery
    from various health chronic health issues and I thank Nancy for helping provide tools and instill healthy habits to make this possible! -N.M.
  • I would highly recommend Nancy for anyone who is struggling. Not only is she a breath of fresh air but she really listens to your story and helps put the pieces of your puzzle together so you dont have to do it alone. She brings a light hearted take to her sessions which make you feel less stressed and excited to start your new goals. She has helped me change my sleeping habits, structure of my day, lessen my stress, add in my supplements, listen to my body, feel my emotions, and get new perspective on life I didn't have before. Nancy has been in our shoes before and I think that's what I enjoy most, that she has been where we are and has struggled so she knows first hand how we feel.  She can relate and she has inspiration that there is a light on the other side of this tunnel. -J.S.


What does wellness look like to you?  
More energy?  Less brain fog? Weight loss? 

All of these things are possible.


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